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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Night People: Break Away from Social Conditioning


I read this book written by Jack Finney-- he wrote "The Invasions of the Body Snatchers" too-- how ironic when you consider the grip of the the late GOP.

Anyway, I read this very interesting book when I was in my mere 20s, rotting away in a deadend town in East Tennessee that I grew up in during the 1st Recession of the 1980s. There is quite a lot of Refreshing advice in this book for those that have been Oppressed for Too Long... like we have been since 9/11 by Captain Fear.


Two young couples in San Francisco begin taking late night walks, at first enjoying the strangeness and emptiness of the usually crowded city, and then they begin to come up with pranks, harmless at first, but soon becoming more and more serious.
Lew Joliffe is a hip San Francisco lawyer who lives with his girl, Jo. They share parties and ambition with friends Harry and Shirley. Then the four try a new game: late at night they roam the deserted streets playing pranks. Suspense mounts as the consequences of their increasingly bizarre tricks take a decidedly dangerous turn.
"The Night People" is a story of 4 people that are bored with the mundaneness of their lives. They have tried rock climbing, gone sailing and other "extreme" activities but they soon grow weary of them. They discover the eerie emptiness of the suburbs late at night. Together they find themselves going for 3 am walks on weeknights through deserted streets and plazas. The plot thickens from here on in as they get themselves into trouble. This book is great, I live in a similar sounding town and I can relate to the mundanity of the town, and the description of the "pod" type people who inhabit it.
The Night People" was my favorite; I think it can best be described as a story about things a lot of people fantasize about doing, but would not do in reality. The characters in this story do those things, giving the reader the chance to experience them vicariously.
Night People - This book has stumped 5 librarians and the library computer search, but I know I didn't dream it!: The book starts w/ a guy out for a walk at night. He goes down to the expressway near his condo and lays down in the middle of the street because it's so empty. He marvels at the things you can do at night that you can't do during the day. Later in the book, he and his wife join another couple. They take turns planning parties/events in weird places at night. One was in an open-air mall. They meet, formally dressed. It's dark, but music is still playing. They dance and drink champaign. Their activities escalate. They get stopped and/or arrested several times by police for tresspassing. At end of book, they take over the Golden Gate Bridge, stop traffic during morning rush hour and show a slide show in the middle of the street.


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